Artist and Designer friendly laser cutting in downtown Toronto.


Standard Projects


$15 Set-Up Per Project

One Week Turn Around

This is a highly cost effective option for getting your laser cutting project completed. With a week lead time, planning pays off with the lowest rates for laser cutting.

Rush Projects


$30 Set-Up Per Project

Three Day Turn Around

Last minute project? Need to finish your project this week? Fast services, sourcing, and delivery to help you land your project in time, and on budget.

Emergency Rates


$70 Set-Up Per Project

One Day Turn Around

Our emergency service is designed to offer the fastest turn around of your project at the highest quality. Perfect for last minute projects, rapid prototyping, and quick project turnaround.


Use Your Materials - Make sure they are listed as Laser Safe on our check list

We can help your source materials like Wood & Acrylic

Want to etch on a knife or a cup? We do high detail etching onto objects.

Non-flat material and objects like flasks or knives have a different pricing. The set up fee is $30 and the rate is $2/minute

What is Etching?

Etching is a process that takes away material from an object, no colour or ink is added, the heat of the laser may discolour unmasked material.

Anything Black in your file will be etched.

We cannot control the exact depth of an etch but rather the intensity. Let us know whether you’d like a shallow medium or deep etch and we’ll make sure to use the appropriate settings.

Multiple etch depths on one object can be achieved by setting your desired etch areas in grayscale gradient from 100% to 40% black. Any photography should be in black and white to be etched correctly.



Images made in the BITMAP format can be used for etching.

These images can be photographs, patterns or any grey scale image. You can also work in vector format, setting all raster areas to black.

File Types:

.pdf / .jpg / .png / .ai / .eps / .svg



The laser works from digital files to cut or etch material.

In order to cut a PATH, the file needs to be in the VECTOR format. VECTOR files are made up of lines, as opposed to pixels.

File Types:

.ai / .eps / .svg / .dxf

File Set-Up

Getting your files set up in the correct formats is the first step to laser cuttings.
We make it easy for you by accepting several common file types.

Line Weight

Vector lines for cutting should be set to 0.01pt thickness.

Line Colour

RED (255,0,0)
GREEN (0,255,0)
BLUE (0,0,255)

Expand Text

If there is any text included in the file, convert it into outlines.

Mask Layers

Please do not use Mask Layers or Flatten your files.


39" x 23"
(100cm x 60cm)

28” x 17”
(71cm x 43cm)


All files are printed at 1 to 1. Please include a 1" x 1" reference square in any file provided.

File Types

Cut and Etch
.ai / .eps / .svg / .dxf

.pdf / .jpg / .png / .ai / .eps / .svg

Colour Space

Be sure that you have set the document colour mode to RGB instead of CMYK, which is default in illustrator.

Material Selection

Our laser can cut materials as thin as paper and up to 1/4″ thick (6mm)


Hard & Soft Wood
Baltic Birch Plywood
100% Natural Rubber


Delrin (POM, acetal)
100% Linoleum
Depron Foam


Hardboard (like MDF)
PVC (Cintra)
Lexan (Polycarbonate)
Styrene (Most types)
Polypropylene (PP)
Gatorboard (Styrene)
Carbon Fiber
Moleskine Covers
Synthetic Leathers

Baltic Birch

This material works great for multiple applications. It is sourced locally and is eco friendly. We stock Baltic Birch Plywood in 1/4" and 1/8" thicknesses because it cuts beautifully and is a very cost effective material to cut with the laser.

1/4" Thick
@ 28" x 17"

1/8" Thick
@ 28" x 17"


If you have any questions about laser cutting or services please reach out and connect with us about your questions, or arrange a visit to the studio to find our more, see examples, and meet the team.


To provide an estimate of your project please send over a vector file format of your digital files.

(.ai / .eps / .svg)

647 795 0311


Monday: 10AM - 6PM
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Friday: 10AM - 6PM

Saturday: Closed
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Our studio is located at:

960 College St
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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